“The Wisteria” by Lesley Skeates Oil on panel 30.5 x 30.5 x 3cm £300 unframed, £360 framed
Insta: LesleySkeatesGallery

Nak.Ed.Art Edinburgh is a collection of artists who attended the same Edinburgh Saturday life drawing class. Over the past two years the group has held three public exhibitions and is about to have its fourth, ‘Nak.Ed.Art Locked Down’.

“Woman” by Irene Jordan Acrylic on card and board, 32cm by 23 cm by 1cm. £180 Contact details. DM instagram : irenjordanart

This time the exhibition will be online, both on Facebook and on our Instagram page ‘Nak.Ed.Art’. Work will be posted over the course of a week from Friday 15th May. A range of work will be on sale from a variety of artists featuring still life, landscape, figurative art and abstract. Although the work will be posted over a week, the exhibition images will remain up forever.

“Enjoy yourself while you’re still in the pink” by Ricky Houston Mixed media- acrylic, charcoal and oil pastel on paper. 42cm width. 59.4cm height. 0.1 depth £75

All work posted will be for sale with artists donating 30% of sales to Social Bite, Edinburgh. To purchase any of the art you will need to contact the artist directly. All of their social media contact details will be included in each individual post.

Negative Space” by Dilys Rose Charcoal on mixed media paper 57cm x 41cm £125.00

So from Friday 15th May please keep your eyes open for our daily updates if you wish to purchase some art whilst supporting a good cause.

‘Crouching’ by Helen Kennedy Charcoal on paper 42 x 45 cm £60 Instagram helenkennedy6255 Fbk Helen Kennedy Art

Please feel free to share this event, we would love to have our exhibition shown around the world.


More information on all these pieces (for example, if they are framed or not, delivery details) and many others can be found on the Nak.Ed.Art facebook page

Author: tamsing

I walk, explore, and love to give and teach Shiatsu.

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